March 1, 2012

New Tools and Promotion for March

Exciting new "sizzle calls" for your business and a chance to have dinner with Greg Norman!

You may have heard the saying that March can come in like a lion?  Well, Max International is going to be kind of the jungle in March thanks to our Associates.  To assist and incentivize you into getting this month off to a great start we’re offering new recruitment tools and a new promotion!

New, Effective Tool—Max Sizzle Calls
An exciting new tool is ready to help you grow your Max Business.
In conjunction with field leaders, we’ve created two sizzle calls narrated by our founder Steven K. Scott that allow your prospects to hear why Max International is the perfect business opportunity.

The first call is the Partnering Opportunity Message and has Steve explain his own success story and how Max International is prepared to lead the way in direct marketing.  If you know people who are thinking about earning more income or starting their own business, this call is a great way to get a conversation started.

To access this call, dial 801.727.3344

The second call the Toxic Health Conversation Starter and is focused on the universal problem of environmental toxicity and how it negatively impacts our lives, then transitions into a business opportunity. If you know people who are concerned about their health or are looking to improve their lives, then this is the call for you.

To Join as a new Max Associate Click Here and enter your Sponsor's ID (101398) then Submit.

To access this call, dial 801.727.3344
Call each of these numbers and familiarize yourselves with these calls and begin creating a list of who you will invite to listen to these calls.  We have created a list of scripts to help you know what to say to your prospects. To access them log into the Virtual Office and click on the Sizzle Calls banner.  Both calls are currently available only in English, but we'll have Spanish and French versions up very soon!

March Promotion: Dinner with Greg Norman
Max International is excited to offer you the chance to have dinner with World Famous business and golfing icon and Max Master Associate Greg Norman on Thursday, April 12 at 5 P.M. in Salt Lake City during the week of our annual Convention.
For the entire month of March we’ll be looking for the Associates who can enroll any combination of 5 new Associates -or- Preferred Customers in Loyalty Programs with Two Products.  Each of these successful Associates will receive:
     - A Special Invitation for you and a guest to have Dinner with Greg Norman.
     - 1 Free Convention Guest Pass.

As an added bonus, we’ll be recognizing the top 5 enrollers - that’s the 5 Associates who enroll the most new Associates or PCs - with special seating right at Greg Norman’s table!  These Associates will also receive a special photo with The Great White Shark himself as well as select Greg Norman and Max brand clothing.

This promotion runs from March 1 to March 31 and ends at midnight MST.  Only Associates who are registered for Convention will be eligible for the dinner and Guest Pass.

To Join as a new Max Associate Click Here and enter your Sponsor's ID (101398) then Submit.




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