December 9, 2011

MAX Australian and New Zealand Anniversary Event Convention

MAX Australian and New Zealand Anniversary Event Convention
February 24th to 26th 2012
and the launch of Cellgevity in February!

The BEST NEWS IS …!!! 

We can NOW buy our Tickets-
GET EXCITED as this is where we are going!!!
Crowne Plaza, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast.

Convention Tickets
Order and pay for your tickets before 31 December 2011, and you will receive:

EARLY Bird Pricing ONLY.. $130
PLUS when you buy your ticket EARLY IT ALSO INCLUDES..
  • Free… LUNCH on the SATURDAY
  • Free… One bottle of MaxGXL Sport (One Month Supply)
  • Free… One Jar of One Minute Wonder
WOW…This is $200 worth of INCREDIBLE VALUE for the ticket PRICE !!!


Friday, February 24, 2012 at 2:00 PM - Sunday, February 26, 2012 at 12:00 PM

Location: Surfers Paradise, Queensland

Please forward on to all your team members.

April 26, 2011



Taking control of your future. Adding some extra income. Expanding your horizons. Being your own boss. Having more time with family. Living the life you have always wanted. 

No matter what you want from Max International and network marketing, you can achieve it with consistent effort and our support. Unlike a traditional 9-to-5 job, network marketing helps you leverage your work and the work of others. You could potentially earn a significant income as you share our breakthrough products with people around the block or around the world. 

The flexibility of network marketing is a primary reason for its popularity. If you view network marketing as a part-time, money-making interest, a full-time career, or somewhere in between, Max will help you realize your goals. We believe in helping people discover their unique path and empowering them to turn their dreams into reality. 

Whether you are a newcomer to network marketing or have significant experience in this industry, you can make a comfortable home at Max International.

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April 25, 2011

What MaxGXL Has Done for People Like Me

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What MaxGXL® Has Done for People Like Me

You don't have to be a gym rat or treat patients every day to see the benefits of MaxGXL 
in your life. 

Today's e-mail includes four brief experiences from everyday people who have tried 
this breakthrough product. 

"At 46, you'd think I would be far from a 'granny walk,' yet every morning I hobbled the 
few steps to the bathroom from a stiff ankle. When I started taking MaxGXL, I didn't even
 think of this as an issue since it had become a part of my routine. After about two week
 of trying MaxGXL, I realized I no longer needed a sweater or jacket during a meeting. 
Over the next weeks, my workouts no longer meant sore muscles, even after several 
hours of volleyball. It was several weeks later when I realized the 'granny walk' had 
completely gone away and I was able to jump out of bed and walk without issue." 
— Pam Wilson, Las Vegas, Nev., Independent Max Associate 

"My husband and I have taken vitamins ever since we met almost 40 years ago. 
We eat healthy foods as much as possible and are conscious about our health. Neither 
of us look our age, so we're told, and feel pretty healthy for our ages. We've had a 
few conditions that we chocked up to the aging process until MaxGXL entered our lives.
Thanks to MaxGXL, I can sleep on my right side again, I sleep better with vivid dreams, 
and wake up feeling rested and ready for the day's challenges. My husband and I 
take MaxGXL and Max N-Fuze daily and feel like spring chickens again! We'll never 
be without either and they are the first thing we pack when we travel!" 
— Paula Woods, Gardena, California, Independent Max Associate 

"A friend gave me some MaxGXL on the way to the gym, where I did my usual stationary 
bike workout for 45 minutes. While I felt that I put the same effort into it, I noticed after that 
the power level was 30 percent higher than normal. I also had much better recovery. My
 friend told me nothing about MaxGXL before I took it. I then began taking MaxGXL 
and regularly studying up on glutathione and Max International in my spare time. MaxGXL 
and Max International are a gift unlike any other I have experienced in my life. I daily offer 
my thanks that Max has become an essential part of my life." 
— Elizabeth Wilson, Lincoln, Neb., Independent Max Associate 

"When I was introduced to MaxGXL, I was open minded about it. I got some 
background about the product, the research that had been done on it, and started taking
 it right away. Since then I've felt great. Any time I choose to endorse something, or 
even share with friends, it's something I have to believe in, something I have to take 
myself first, so I wanted to give it a few months. Very quickly, I felt strongly about passing 
it on to friends." 
—Cami Lefler, Newbury Park, California, Independent Max Associate

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April 18, 2011

Doctors Share Their Thoughts on MaxGXL®

Thank you for letting us tell you more about Max International and MaxGXL. The last email gave you an idea of what MaxGXL has done for high-level athletes. Today's shares what medical professionals have experienced with this product.

"When I started doing integrative medicine, I looked at how glutathione's place in the health of our cells was preeminent, ranking with oxygen, water, and a fuel source. The problem was no one had come up with a way to get our bodies to manufacture more glutathione. I was looking for a solution for this. I heard about Max International in 2007, and that they had a product that improved glutathione production. If that were true, it would be unbelievably big. After evaluating Max, I said to my husband, 'This is the most significant nutritional supplement I will ever see in my lifetime.'"
 — Dr. Daria Davidson, M.D., Independent Max Associate.

"I'm convinced that, having watched the effect of MaxGXL in many people now, that this is, in a lot of ways, the most amazing product that I have been associated with in 34 years of family medicine."
 — Dr. Jack Tarr, M.D., Family practice physician and Independent Max Associate

"MaxGXL has changed my life. I had been looking for some way to improve glutathione in my patients, so finding MaxGXL captivated my attention. We offered samples to a few people to start with, with fantastic results, and I was hooked. For many years I have been a believer that we need to fill in the holes of our food chain by using supplements. I have never seen a supplement that made so much difference in so many people so quickly as did MaxGXL." 
— Dr. Charles Mabray, M.D., OB/GYN, Bariatric Physician, and Independent Max Associate

"A Max Associate called me about MaxGXL, and out of courtesy I told him I'd try it. After trying it, I told my wife, 'I think I'm in another zone, I just feel better.' I've always had energy, but I just felt better mental acuity. We then decided to visit Max and take a closer look. At first, my wife said, "Tim, you're too busy to do this," but now she says, "I'm so glad you're involved." She has a different glow about her, and we know glutathione is good for the skin. I'm convinced that, in time, MaxGXL will be a household word." 
— Dr. Tim Kershenstein, M.D. (ret.), Ph.D., Independent Max Associate

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MaxGXL® - The Glutathione Accelerator

What is Glutathione?

Simply put, glutathione (GSH) is the body's master antioxidant.

It is a small tri-peptide produced naturally in our cells when certain required elements are present. It functions both as an antioxidant and an antitoxin and is a major defense system against illness and aging. Our glutathione level actually indicates our state of health and can predict longevity. There are more than 90,000 published papers on the beneficial effects of glutathione. In the near future the importance of glutathione will be widely recognized because it has the ability to boost the immune system and fight off the damage of free radicals on the cells. Various daily activities can reduce your glutathione such as stress, exercise, infection, injury and environmental toxins. Your glutathione, or in other words, your body's natural defense against aging and cellular damage decreases by about 10% to 15% every decade!*


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